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Communications are the bedrock of society. From the living room to the boardroom, individuals and companies rely on fast, efficient communications systems. Over the past two decades, the demands placed on communications systems have grown exponentially, and this growth is set to continue. Fibrewave Installations offers client and need-focussed solutions to any communications issue. Whether installing long haul optical fibre transmission links across cities or building local network solutions, Fibrewave Installations is at the forefront of this vibrant industry, offering its clients creative, practical and on-budget solutions to their communications requirements. When clients choose to outsource the construction and maintenance of their networks to Fibrewave Installations, they are given bespoke turnkey solutions that focus on their specific needs as well as the challenges of the contract.

Fibrewave Installations have 22 years of experience in fibre optic installations:

- We have a vast understanding of the network and we have the experience to recognise issues before they become a problem.
- We have all the latest fibre blowing equipment and specialise in 10 x 7 tube using Hexatronic and Emtel materials and many more.
- We have all the latest low-loss splice machines provided by Fujikura, enabling us to perform low arc splices and store and retrieve splice losses and real-time.
- We have the latest testing equipment on the market, to include IOLM testing.
- As an extra, we will offer IOLM test results, SLD Format

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